The Mona Foundation is a non-profit entity registered with the Justice Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomy of Catalunya) with the registration number 1404. It is run by three directors: Olga Feliu, Amparo Barba, and Manuel Maraña and its purpose is to save wild primates that have been illegally captured and are being used for commercial and personal purposes under bad living conditions. The foundation has established a center for the recovery of primates near Girona surrounded by nature which serves as a home for rescued primates and a place to understand and respect wild animals and the fact that they must live in their natural habitat.


Olga Feliu, the president of the Mona Foundation and the driving force of the project, began her involvement in the protection of primates as a veteran working with Simon Templer (representative of IPPLen Spain) and as a volunteer in a recovery center in Camerun. Both of these experiences motivated her to continue with this cause and expand to Spain.
Upon her return from Africa, she decided, along with Amparo and Manel, to create a foundation dedicated to the protection of primates and in 2000 the Mona Foundation was born. A year later, they founded the center for the recovery of primates of Riudellots de la Selva with the arrival of a group of chimpanzees from Valencia.